Documentation for mods released or hosted at SHS (WIP)

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SHS readme template

SHS readme template v2.0.0 (by Gwendolyne)</br>

BG:EE Mods

Documentation for all BG:EE mods hosted at SHS.

Bank of Baldur’s Gate (by Lassal)</br> Saradas Magic for BG2 (by Saradas)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Bank of Baldur’s Gate 0.3 Lassal SHS Staff
Saradas Magic for BG2 2.0.0 Saradas SHS Staff
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Joinable NPC Mods

Documentation for all Joinable NPC mods hosted at SHS.

Adrian NPC for BGII (by Rhaella)</br> Arath (by Kaeloree)</br> Beyond the Law (by Zyraen)</br> Dace (by Kaeloree)</br> Fade (by Mistress Elysia)</br> Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant (by BobTokyo and SConrad)</br> Isra NPC (for BG) (by Rhaella)</br> Isra NPC for BGII (by Rhaella)</br> Iylos (by Kaeloree)</br> The Luxley Family (by Feuille and Miss Sakaki)</br> Nephele (by Kaeloree)</br> Ninde NPC for BGII (by Deva, Kaeloree and Rhaella)</br> Valerie (by Tempest and Kaeloree)</br> Xulaye (by Kaeloree)</br> Yeslick NPC (by Pixel Kaiser, Kaeloree and Lava Del’Vortel)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Adrian NPC for BGII 5.0 Rhaella Rhaella
Arath 5 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Beyond the Law 2.0.0 Zyraen SHS Staff
Dace 5 Mistress Elysia SHS Staff
Fade 5.6 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Hubelpot the Vegetable Merchant 2.1.0 BobTokyo and SConrad SHS Staff
Isra NPC (for BG) 3.5 Rhaella Rhaella and SHS Staff
Isra NPC for BGII 3.1 Rhaella Rhaella and SHS Staff
Iylos 2.6 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
The Luxley Family 2.0.0 Feuille and Miss Sakaki SHS Staff
Nephele 2.6 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Ninde NPC for BGII 3.0 Deva (SoA) - K’aeloree and Rhaella (ToB) Rhaella and SHS Staff
Valerie 1.2 Tempest and Kaeloree SHS Staff
Xulaye 2.0 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Yeslick NPC 5.0 Pixel Kaiser, Kaeloree and Lava Del’Vortel Lava Del’Vortel
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Content Expansion and Non-Joinable Character Mods

Documentation for all Expansion mods and projects that add new individual characters (traders, non-joinable followers) hosted at SHS.

IEP Extended Banters (by Kaeloree)</br> Cernd Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Kaeloree and Lava Del’Vortel)</br> Haer’Dalis Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Aeryn and Rhaella)</br> Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Kaeloree)</br> Korgan Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Lava Del’Vortel)</br> Mazzy Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Kaeloree)</br> Minsc Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Lava Del’Vortel, Kaeloree and AionZ)</br> Sarevok Friendship (by Aeryn)</br> Valygar Friendship (ToB) (by Lava Del’Vortel)</br> Viconia Friendship (SoA & ToB) (by Kaeloree)</br> Yoshimo Friendship (by Shadowhawke)</br> Edwin Romance (by Laufey and others)</br> Neera Expansion (BG:EE) (by Kaeloree)</br> The Jerry Zinger Show (by Shed, SConrad and others)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
IEP Extended Banters 5.8 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Cernd Friendship (SoA & ToB) 1.3 Kaeloree and Lava Del’Vortel Lava Del’Vortel
Haer’Dalis Friendship (SoA & ToB) 1.2 Aeryn and Rhaella Lava Del’Vortel
Imoen Friendship (SoA & ToB) 3.6 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Korgan Friendship (SoA & ToB) 1.6 Lava Del’Vortel  
Mazzy Friendship (SoA & ToB) 3.5 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Minsc Friendship (SoA & ToB) 1.3 Lava Del’Vortel, Kaeloree and AionZ  
Sarevok Friendship 2.6 Aeryn Lava Del’Vortel
Valygar Friendship (ToB) 1.5 Lava Del’Vortel  
Viconia Friendship (SoA & ToB) 4.5 Kaeloree Lava Del’Vortel
Yoshimo Friendship 4.6 Kaeloree and Shadowhawke Lava Del’Vortel
Edwin Romance 2.11 Laufey and others jastey
Neera Expansion (BG:EE) 1.3.0 Kaeloree SHS
The Jerry Zinger Show 5.0 Shed, SConrad and others SHS Staff
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Quest and Encounter Mods

Documentation for all Quest and Encounter mods mods hosted at SHS.

Dark Side of the Sword Coast (by Sir BillyBob from CuChoinneach’s original mod, and others)</br> Fading Promises (by berelinde)</br> Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (a Sir BillyBob Production)</br> Region of Terror (by Gilgamesh)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Dark Side of the Sword Coast 4.1 Sir BillyBob from CuChoinneach’s original mod, and others jastey
Fading Promises 9.0.0 berelinde SHS Staff
Northern Tales of the Sword Coast 4.2.0 a Sir BillyBob Production k4thos and jastey
Region of Terror 4.0 Gilgamesh, King Diamond and Ikky & Weigo Weigo
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Total and Partial Conversions

Documentation for all Total and Partial Conversions mods hosted at SHS.

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Mega Modifications

Documentation for all modifications that are part of the definition of mega-modification (i.e. BGT, TDD, SoS, TS, NeJ, RoT, CtB, BP and related mods) hosted at SHS.

Baldur’s Gate Trilogy-WeiDU (by Ascension64 - with permission from Bardez)</br> BP-BGT Worldmap (by Yacomo, King Diamond, Erebusant and Weigo)</br> Check the Bodies (by Charles Bisson)</br> Shadows over Soubar (by CBisson, Horred the plague, King Diamond and Weigo)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Baldur’s Gate Trilogy-WeiDU 1.2.1 Ascension64 skellytz
BP-BGT Worldmap 10.2.6 Yacomo, King Diamond, Erebusant and Weigo
Check the Bodies 3.0 Charles Bisson, King Diamond (WeiDU revision), Ikky (EE Conversion) and Weigo (EE revision) Weigo
Shadows over Soubar 1.15 CBisson, Horred The Plague</a>, King Diamond and Weigo Weigo
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Tweaks, Rule Changes and Additions

Documentation for all Tweaks as well as other mods that affect rules, classes, scripts and other mechanics of the game hosted at SHS.

Quick Save Slots Tweaks (by yellow hat elminster)</br> Sir BillyBob’s Revisions: Arnel’s Nalia Romance (by Arnel and Sir BillyBob)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Quick Save Slots Tweaks 1.6 yellow hat elminster yellow hat elminster and SHS Staff
Sir BillyBob’s Revisions: Arnel’s Nalia Romance 2.0.0 Arnel and Sir BillyBob SHS Staff
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Visual and Audio Mods

Documentation for all Visual and Audio mods including Portrait Mods hosted at SHS.

One Pixel Productions (1PP) (by Erephine)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
One Pixel Productions (1PP) 4.2.0 Erephine Gwendolyne
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Miscellaneous Released Mods

Documentation for all released IE mods not officially hosted at SHS.

Duality’s Odd Quest Mod (or simply Imnesvale) (by Duality)</br> Korgan’s Redemption (by Picollo)</br> Lucy the Wyvern (by berelinde)</br> Rolles (by Serdrick)</br> Rupert the Dye Merchant (by vilkacis)</br> The Minotaur and Lilacor (by Yovaneth)</br> The Slithering Menace (by vilkacis)</br> The Sword of Noober (by Pex657 - aka BalanceRD - and Kerintok)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Duality’s Odd Quest Mod (or simply Imnesvale) 2.1 Duality Gwendolyne
Korgan’s Redemption 10.0.1 Picollo Gwendolyne
Lucy the Wyvern 5.0 berelinde berelinde and SHS Staff
Rolles 5.0.5 Serdrick Gwendolyne
Rupert the Dye Merchant 3.0.0 vilkacis SHS Staff
The Minotaur and Lilacor 2.0 Yovaneth SHS Staff
The Slithering Menace 4.0.0 vilkacis SHS Staff
The Sword of Noober 2.1.0 Pex657 (aka BalanceRD) and Kerintok SHS Staff
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Clan DLAN and Clan REO mirrors

Documentation for all IE Clan DLAN and Clan REO mods mirrored at SHS.

Bolsa (by Alexa and Mhoram)</br> Darron (by Eslizon)</br> Ruad Ro’fhessa Item Upgrade Mod (by Moonfruit)</br> Trovador REO (by Riojano2002)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Bolsa 6.0.0 Alexa and Mhoram Gwendolyne
Darron 2.0.0 Eslizon Gwendolyne
Ruad Ro’fhessa Item Upgrade Mod 29.4.0 Moonfruit Gwendolyne
Trovador REO 2.5.0 Riojano2002 Gwendolyne
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Mod Resurrections

Documentation for resurrected/rebuilt Infinity Engine mods hosted at SHS.

Adventures in Papperland (by CBisson)</br> Demon Summoning Ritual (by Tin)</br> Expanded Thief Stronghold (by Gebhard Blucher)</br> Heart of the Wood (by Tin)</br> Improved Haer’Dalis’ Swords (by Badgert and Kania Blade)</br> Jan’s Alchemy (unknown author)</br> Kiara Zaiya NPCs (by Alan M.C., Seifer and Jesara)</br> Red Dragon Summoning Spell (by Coco_Pliz)</br> Silver Star NPC (by Davide Carta and Seifer)</br> Stuff of the Magi (by Victor Straffe)</br> RPG Alison One-Day NPC (WIP) (by Rastor)</br> RPG Improved Asylum (WIP) (by Rastor)</br> RPG Kitanya NPC (SoA) (WIP) (by Rastor)</br> RPG Dungeon Item Pack (WIP) (by Rastor)</br> RPG Phaere’s NPC Portrait Pack (by Phaere and Rastor)</br> RPG The Unusual Oddities Shop (by Rastor)</br> RPG Super Firkraag (by Rastor)</br> RPG Dungeon Kit Pack (WIP) (by Olryx2)</br> RPG Solaufein Flirt Pack (by Jolyth)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Adventures in Papperland 6.0 CBisson SHS Staff
Demon Summoning Ritual 8.0.0 Tin SHS Staff
Expanded Thief Stronghold 3.0.1 Gebhard Blucher SHS Staff
Heart of the Wood 7.0.0 Tin SHS Staff
Improved Haer’Dalis’ Swords 3.1.0 Badgert and Kania Blade SHS Staff
Jan’s Alchemy 8.1.0 unknown author SHS Staff
Kiara Zaiya NPCs 2.0.1 Alan M.C., Seifer and Jesara SHS Staff
Red Dragon Summoning Spell 2.1.0 Coco_Pliz SHS Staff
Silver Star NPC 2.0.0 Davide Carta and Seifer SHS Staff
Stuff of the Magi 6.0.0 Victor Straffe and Kevmus SHS Staff
RPG Alison One-Day NPC (WIP) 1.8 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Improved Asylum (WIP) 1.0.1 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Kitanya NPC (SoA) (WIP) 6.4.1 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Dungeon Item Pack (WIP) 2.0 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Phaere’s NPC Portrait Pack 5.0 Phaere and Rastor SHS Staff
RPG The Unusual Oddities Shop 5.0 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Super Firkraag 1.5 Rastor SHS Staff
RPG Dungeon Kit Pack (WIP) 1.0 Olryx2 SHS Staff
RPG Solaufein Flirt Pack 1.2 Jolyth SHS Staff
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IE Modding Tools

Documentation for all Infinity Engine Modding Tools hosted at SHS.

Generalized Biffing (by The Bigg)</br>


Mod Version Author Maintainer
Generalized Biffing 2.6 the bigg Gwendolyne and SHS Staff
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Planescape: Torment Mods

Documentation for all Planescape: Torment mods hosted at SHS.

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