Silver Star NPC for BG2

version 2.0.0 (June 22, 2021)


Silver Star is an elven assassin who can join the party in Irenicus' lovely underground hole. This project has recently taken a change of direction in that the original creator Davide Carta decided to throw the mod open to the community. Seizing on this chance, the new team have decided to alter several original elements with a view that is seen as more fitting for Silver Star.

Table of Contents

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Features of the mod
  3. Version History
  4. Thanks and credits
  5. Experienced Bugs

Section One - Disclaimers

First of all, a note on the mods content. Even if we had tried to avoid any mild language this mod contains violent or cruel dialogues. Silver Star is an assassin and she acts of like mind doing things like murdering, stealing kidnapping and so on... If you don't like this kind of behaviour simply say to Silver to cease this things and she will stop after some time.
If you continue to let her be indulge in her psychotic indulgences then she will probably get worse...

Now a note on the status of the mod in relation to BGII itself - Silver Star is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare or Interplay/Black Isle.
All images and contents of this mod are copyright BioWare, Interplay/Black Isle or Wizards of the Coast.

If there are any copyright issues or this statement needs revision then please get in touch and I'll amend it.

Silver Star is copyright © 2003 by Steven D Andrews AKA Seifer

Silver Star was created to be freely enjoyed by all Baldur's Gate 2 players.

However, Silver Star may not be sold, published, compiled or redistributed in any form without the SPECIFIC consent of its author.

Section Two - Features of the mod

This is the list of what we plan to add or what has already been amended. At the time of updating this mod and disposing of the irrelevant matters, I have pushed several of these to the sidelines. Give me enough time and they will be added again.

  1. Silver Star is a Neutral Evil Assassin compatible with both SOA & TOB.
  2. You will find her in the Irenicus Dungeon, city gates or Pocket Plane.
  3. She is partially insane (we don't want say mad). She has some childhood complex: for example she has a true obsession for sweet little lambs... And She sings and giggles. You know the classic: Mary has a little lamb...
  4. She is chronically poisoned, this explain her high tolerance to poison and low constitution.
  5. She is a remorseless killer, when in a normal mood. She does some evil things, like gambling, blackmailing, killing, stealing and so on...
  6. She has some interaction with NPCs in SoA but not in ToB.

Section Three - Version History

(Red = Davide - Green = Seifer - last versions)

Version beta 1.1-7

    The dark age, nothing is known.

Version beta 1.7.1

    1. Corrected an problem with a wrong dialogue trigger. Now the annoying "error line 5 gender check for proper brackets" should appear no more.
    2. Added a new interjection and solved some compatibility problems with SOA if TOB was not installed.
    3. Made serious efforts to better the grammar and syntax of the speechs, thanks to Matthew Reginald for the corrections.

Version beta 1.7.2

    1. Fixed an inconsistence in a banter between silver and Edwin if Minsc isn't present.
    2. Continued the check of the speechs.
    3. Changed the aspect of Mary.

Version beta 1.7.3

    1. Improved some scripts.
    2. Continued the check of the speechs.

Version beta 1.7.4

    1. Improved some scripts.
    2. Improved some dialogue triggers, thank you to Ryan.
    3. Fixed the zip file.

Version beta 1.7.5

    1. Continued the correction.
    2. Silver star will no more kill the slaves.
    3. Silver will no more kill the lost child.
    4. Added one new interjection..
    5. Improved some dialogue sentences.

Version beta 1.8

    1. New dialogues. Added some Ryan dialogue ideas, thank you Ryan. For example the Jan Jansen dialogue on taxes or the Korgan dialogue on blood.
    2. Silver blade is now a classic moon blade. (It is changed by script so you don't need to reload the NPC)
    3. If silver star join you party for the first time she will have a star in daggers instead that in single weapon stile.
    4. Changed some scripts.
    5. Now if Silver is kicked out she takes her sword with her.
    6. Changed the version numeration. Beta 1,8 means that is the eight beta of the version 1.
    7. Silver now morphs into a demon and not into a banshee.
    8 .The silver quest did a game loop. Now the problem should be fixed.

Version beta 1.8.1

    1. Silver strength decreased by 1 (by script).
    2. Even more dialogues.
    3. Fixed a problem with the shapeshifter in Irenicus Dungeon.
    4. Fixed a problem that makes a Jaheira dialogue loop.
    5. Fixed a problem with Valygar dialogue.

Version beta 1.8.2

    1. Fixed the usability for the moon blade (again by script: the weapon is changed).
    2. Fixed some dialogue triggers.

Version beta 1.8.3

    1. Fixed the sword again, now usability dialogue and script should be all OK.
    2. Fixed some dialogue problems in Irenicus Dungeon.
    3. Added other dialogues.
    4. The strength correction don't work so I have decided to let 17 STR, in any case Silver is not over powered so we can let it be.
    5. Changed a bit the initial dialogue.
    6. Corrected a bug with the grave keeper dialogue.
    7. Temporary removed Mary. She doesn't fit well with the actual story line. She will appear again in the version 1.9.

Version beta 1.8.4

    1. Fixed some dialogue triggers
    2. Fixed some dialogue loops
    3. Silver strength is now 14 (only if start a neg game)
    4. Silver cost is now 7 (only if start a neg game)
    5. Silver moon blade now gives her +1 STR
    6. Base HP are now 38 instead of 41 (only if you start a new game)
    7. completed the demon morph.
    8. I don't know how it has could append but silver had +25% on find traps instead that on pick pockets, now if you star a new game she has the right thief skills.

Version beta 1.8.5

    1. Fixed the interjection with Kellon
    2. Fixed some speech, to make some dialogue have more sense and reduce the amount of text displayed at once in the text window.
    3. Fixed some scripts (again)
    4. Fixed the last dialogue on drow culture between Silver and Viconia.
    5. Now the Special ability of silver has a name.
    6. Fixed a problem with the cooking book that didn't make disappear the old version.

Version beta 1.8.6

    1. Corrected the sword usability again
    2. Corrected the first dialogue between Imoen and Silver, it was incomplete.
    3. Previous version was still WeiDU 89, this one is truly made using WeiDU 92.
    4. Fixed a loop after silver star acquires the sulphurous poison ability.

Version beta 1.9.0

    1. Corrected the English.
    2. Updated the Installer.
    3. Added TGM's amended abilities/SPL files.
    4. Removed the alternative portraits.
    5. Removed the Viconia abilities (these will not be added again).
    6. Removed the Italian translations (mine isn't good enough yet).

Version beta 1.9.1

    1. Added fully corrected English versions of the text.
    2. Eliminated all code errors apart from two.

Version beta 1.92

    1. More bugs fixed, including the HD and Silver Star banter (Thanks Diana and JC).
    2. Cameo appearances of most of the staff added (Thanks Diana).
    3. The Banshee component added as well as the evil points counter (Thanks Diana).
    4. More banter, interjections and material added (Thanks Dancer Fitz and Diana).
    5. Dream sequences and music added, Music formatting may be altered however (Thanks Diana).

Version beta 1.93

    1. Added German translation.
    2. Added Russian translation.
    3. Updated to WeiDU v231.

Version 2.0.0


Section Four - Thanks and Credits

Special Thanks to the following:

Section Five - Known Bugs and fixes

Problem Cause Fixed by / Solution
The Silver Star dialogue music doesn't work work. Bad Coding Seifer / Removed it for the current version.
Text in-game suggesting that there is broken links in some of the dialogues. Coding Seifer / Complete restructure, still in testing
Eventual loss of poison immunity. Coding Seifer / Added a unique kit to solve this.
A revived Silver Star lost her immunity. Coding Seifer / See above
Repeated Duel between HD and Silver Star. Bad trigger Seifer / Converted it into a chain
Duplicate sword in the Dungeon. Bad Item File Seifer / Amended the ITM file
Silver didn't return to the party after being cured for petrification. Banter files Seifer / Recoded the P dialog
Repeated Duel between HD and Silver Star. Coding Diana / Amended Seifer's coding
Banshee correction. Coding Diana / Fixed Davide's coding


Filename Edited / Corrected by
SilverP.tra DancerFitz
Sword.tra DancerFitz
SilverJ.tra DancerFitz
Setup.tra Seifer
BSilver.tra DancerFitz
Quest.tra DancerFitz
Fatesp.tra DancerFitz
Banshee.tra DancerFitz