A Spellhold Studios mod for Infinity Engine games

Author: Erephine

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Note that choosing the 'scatter' option for shields will mean you will have both BG1 and BG2 style shields available in one install. The more common one will be the type you installed as a main choice. The same is true for armour, and to a lesser extent, helmets.

On item colours

Choosing to set item colours for non-magical items will mean ordinary shields, etc. will look like their inventory icon when equipped; you will not be able to customise them from your character colours, as is already the case with magical items in vanilla (which is consistent and if you ask me, makes sense. You can't just change the colour of a shield or helmet). This is only disabled by default as I'm sure lots of people would complain otherwise. (Option 3 enables this save for BG1 non-magic shields.)

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